Achievement and School learning plan

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

We value each student as an individual and appreciate that student success looks a bit different for everyone! We understand at RPS that students learn best when they feel included, safe, and respected at school, so we place a high priority on well-being and building relationships with all of our students. Connection builds engagement, which allows students to achieve to their highest ability! 

In terms of specific measures of achievement, our school follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation, available on the OCDSB web site ( We use many tools to enable us to gain a better understanding of a student's level or mastery of skills in specific areas of the curriculum. Assessment is a very important role in a student's education, as it enables us to pinpoint where they are, what their strengths and next-steps are, and how we can help them to improve and feel great about their successes.

School Learning Plans (SLP) and Initiatives

Every OCDSB school must create and follow a School Learning Plan each school year. Mathematics and Well-Being are a focus both within the context of the classroom and school as a whole. Our staff continues to work on a School Learning Plan that seeks to enhance student achievement and well-being. Specifically, our SLP centers around a mathematical smart goal, and students will apply problem-solving strategies to help deepen their mathematical understanding. They will communicate mathematical thinking orally, visually, and in writing, using everyday language, mathematical vocabulary, and a variety of representations, and observing basic mathematical conventions.

We also include a focused goal on improving the well-being of students, through supports and initiatives. We set goals each year, using data from different sources to guide where we feel our next-steps should fall. The well-being of our students is important in ensuring we are meeting the needs of our students, in order for them to feel safe, included, and ready to learn. 

This year in particular, teachers are focusing on the development and implementation of new virtual learning platforms (Google Classroom and Sites), personal and professional learning in the area of Equity and Anti-Racism, as well as building capacity in their instruction of our new provincial math curriculum!

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