Achievement and School learning plan

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Our school follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation, available on the Board’s web site (

Students are involved in a variety of learning opportunities including storytelling, community service, and talent performances.

At the primary level, we use Running Records to measure the progress of reading. Homeroom teachers use PM Benchmarks assessment tool to test each student during the year to ensure that the students are reading and progressing at grade level. At the junior level, student progress is measured using the CASI assessments, in addition to the daily progress noted by the teacher.

Kindergarten students are being assessed using a province-wide web-based teaching tool and an early identification survey.

School Learning Plans (SLP) and Initiatives

Mathematics and Well-Being are a focus both within the context of the classroom and school as a whole. Our staff continues to work on a School Learning Plan that seeks to enhance student achievement. Our SLP centers around a mathematical smart goal. Our students will apply problem-solving strategies to help deepen their mathematical understanding. They will communicate mathematical thinking orally, visually, and in writing, using everyday language, mathematical vocabulary, and a variety of representations, and observing basic mathematical conventions. Our students will independently and collaboratively apply grade appropriate mathematical process expectations in the strand of Patterning and Algebra specific to multi-step problem solving.

We also include a focused goal on improving the well-being of students, through supports and initiatives. We set goals each year, using data from different sources to guide where we feel our next-steps should fall. The well-being of our students is important in ensuring we are meeting the needs of our students, in order for them to feel safe, included, and ready to 

Curriculum-Support initiatives are focusing on all areas of the curriculum. Parents provide input and feedback to staff for purposes of setting school wide priorities for curriculum implementation and school wide events. We link with our other educational partners in the community such as Goulbourn Middle School and South Carleton High School for both cultural, co-operative and other enrichment activities.

Our school is involved in the “Professional Learning Community” Initiative with the OCDSB. Staff has planned school-wide initiatives to focus on improvement in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. As well, we have developed a school-wide plan to incorporate the use of our computer lab into the classroom curriculum.

Teachers are focusing on the implementation of current technology equipment in the classroom and daily lessons.

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